AI Operations for Enterprise.

At Phased AI, we're pioneering the future of AI Operations (AI Ops). We help enterprise to harness unstructured data and organise the use of AI in a safe and structured manner in your organisation.

What we do

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We build LLM tools that use your data but keep you in control


Whether you are designing a custom ML model or harnessing foundation models, Phased will help you harness the power of your data


Work with your structured and unstructured data to gain the optimal leverage for your organisation

Training and SUPPOrt

We provide training and support for your organisation to grow to use LLMs safely and effectively.
How we work

Your data has a voice, and it's eager to speak directly to you.

Imagine the possibilities if you could bypass the waiting game with analysts and data experts. Instead, imagine conversing directly with your data, querying it at your convenience, and receiving instant, trustworthy insights. You're not just saving time; you're forging a path to smarter, swifter decision-making. Talk to your data. It's ready to answer.

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AI Products

We build tools, integrations and apps that help Enterprise customers to use the power of Large language models and machine learning in many different domains

Research and Development

We work as your AI R&D team, our team keeps up with the latest frameworks and implementations and will work tirelessly to apply these to business needs in your organization

DATA Consulting

AI gains can be be made with data that we may not even know your organisation has access to, Phased work with subject matter experts, architects, data analysts to find the valuable data, insights and automation potentials in organisations.

Your AI-OPs Partner. 

The aim of AI Ops is to support human teams by taking over routine activities, thus freeing up time for more strategic and decision-making roles. In essence, AI Ops involves creating and implementing AI-driven systems and workflows that make operational processes more efficient and effective.
Our Services
Our Services